Biblical principles in the marketplace (business and career). Owned by God. Spiritual Dynamic. Share blessing and life.

Profesionalism. Entrepreneurship. Accurate Living. Character based business and living. Excellent spirit.

BEST - Businessmen and Employees Society for Transformation

Vision To manifest the Kingdom of God and to accomplish His will until all nations become His disciples, and the earth is filled with His Glory by building a community of entrepreneurs, businessmen, and employees who reflect Christ in every aspect of their lives and business and minister through their businesses and jobs.

Mission Establishing a community of entrepreneurs, businessmen and employees who keep Kingdoms values and principles in doing their businesses and jobs until Christ is manifested in their lives, jobs and business. Dedicating their jobs and businesses as ministers and His businesses, to reach, impact, and transform cities and nations. This community will support the churchs finances and ministries, and for the needy, and actively contribute to build His Kingdom and bring forth His Glory in the society.

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Businessmen and Employees Society for Transformation